The technology and protocols underlying GameDAO increase mutual trust based on shared interests and enhance transparency.
This contributes to the individual freedom of the community and the creation of more sustainable business models in video games, esports, and other industries at the intersections with gaming.
GameDAO makes use of ZERO Network’s underlying primitives for the purposes of identity and more. To join GameDAO, you’ll need to provide some basic information that will create an ecosystem-wide Decentralised Identity (DID). This allows the platform to operate in a legal manner, but also provides transparency and guarantees for the entire GameDAO community.
The identity system will be initially provided via partners like KILT (e.g. Social KYC) and Fractal.ID. Identity is abstracted away using cryptography to make it inefficient to reveal private data of a user without their consent.
In certain cases, users are required to reveal their identity to proceed in e.g. monetary transactions (KYC/AML) or audits when participating in certain protocol execution. This allows for additional consumer and user protection thanks to the regulatory safeguards provided.

Identity Basics

Users provide basic information to the network to create their digital identity, which is then supported by three gamelike metrics: Trust, Reputation and Experience.
  • Trust (T): Trust is awarded to users once they provide basic information to GameDAO and the underlying network.
  • Reputation (Rep): Reputation is a social feedback mechanism, like getting upvotes on Reddit or followers on Twitter. Other uses of the platform can give you reputation for good contributions and interactions, such as making a great proposal for a DAO or campaign.
  • Experience (XP): In typical gaming fashion, experience (or XP) are points awarded to users based on their activity on the network. More active users gain more XP, signifying them as GameDAO veterans and potentially yielding rewards.
These three synergise well together to increase transparency, and therefore trust, between users on the platform.


DAOs and Creators on GameDAO will be able to use these metrics to vet users. For example, if you're a game creator raising funds for a violent fighting game, you might not want younger users to be able to participate, because of the themes or graphics of your game. This is where Trust comes in. If a gamer is too young, you can prevent them from joining your DAO to keep everyone safe.
Similarly, if you wanted to create a syndicate for GameDAO veterans to invest and fund key projects, you could choose to allow people in based on their XP or Reputation to ensure you're getting experienced, veteran members of the platform in your organisation. You can read more about specific use cases and utility of the platform in our USE CASES section.
GameDAO is a decentralised platform. This means your information is not stored and held in a privatised, central server. For many cases, users will not need to provide KYC information. The Trust, Experience and Reputation metrics allow a social reputation system without the need for invasive, data-collecting measures.