The Art of GameDAO
GameDAO = Video Games + Community + DAO + DeFi + NFT
Keep it real: The contents of these pages, published under are a collection of the latest developments of our protocols and not considered final. We live an open and transparent culture and therefore publicly share works in progress and knowledge, traditional minds would build another million dollar silo with.
GameDAO Protocol is an experimental decentralised protocol for fundraising, coordination and ownership of video games. It is developed by GameDAO AG, a research and development company, based in Liechtenstein, with contributors around the world.
GameDAO is built with substrate, a cutting edge blockchain SDK by Parity, with interoperability, scalability, robustness and security in mind. It is built and deployed on, a video games multichain, and partner networks in the Polkadot ecosystem, like

Primitives for open markets

GameDAO Protocol provides primitives for invocation and operation of decentralised organisations (DAOs), utilisation of decentralised finance (DeFi) instruments for fundraising and non-fungible token (NFT) to provide a comprehensive solution for license management and projects related loot drops. The protocol is designed and operated in a decentralised fashion, enabling programmatic access to everyone.
GameDAO AG also develops the decentralised application frontend accessible through, and others, to enable non technical entities to utilise these protocols with some additional safeguards, making them usable in a reasonable, secure and compliant way.

Community owned by design

The protocols and application assemble to a low barrier, community governed fundraising platform to involve funding contributors in project coordination to increase mutual trust due to shared interests and increased transparency. This allows for early stage market proof and loyalty through ownership.
This shall contribute to the individual freedom of the community and the creation of more sustainable business models of video games and the cyberspace in general.

GameDAO: the protocol directly connecting gamers, creators, publishers and investors.


Getting Started

Got 2 minutes? Check out a video overview of an early prototype:
early prototype
review in the wild


Follow our guides to get started:
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Fundamentals: Dive a little deeper

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