Get Involved

Want to propose a partnership, point out a mistake, or join our community? Find out how, here.

Join the Community

The best way to get involved, help out, and join the community at GameDAO is through our discord or by following us and dropping a DM on twitter.

Propose a Partnership

Have an idea for a project that would be a great fit for GameDAO and our ecosystem? Have an idea for a game and need funding & lifecycle support?

Have a prospective partnership you'd like to pass by the GameDAO gang? Join the Discord, head to #partnerships and send a message by using the template which you'll find in the pinned messages.

Contribute to Our Docs

Found an error, missing page or section? Want to shed some more light on a topic? We're open to anyone who wants to help out by contributing to our documentation.

Please visit our GitHub repository, familiarise yourself with our Code of Conduct, Guide to Contributing, and Open Source License before submitting your request.

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