Technical Overview

This is a technical overview for everyone interested in the GameDAO protocols, how they interact and how they can be utilised
This technical overview includes all you need to know about GameDAO's protocols:
  • Control
  • Signal
  • Noise
  • Flow
  • Sense
  • Tangram

Build unstoppable organisations with CONTROL.

CONTROL allows you to build organisations (DAOs) with the following features:
  • open or invitation only
  • public and transparent or private and opaque
  • transfer, reserve or without membership fees
  • electable prime
  • segregated multi currency treasury

Enable Communities with SIGNAL and NOISE.

Open up and let the community take part, with SIGNAL and NOISE:
  • withdrawal
  • spending
  • membership
  • prime
  • motions
  • simple / relative / absolute majority
  • binary / multiple choice
  • conviction
  • integration with web2 apis

Leverage decentralised fundraising protocols with FLOW.

FLOW encompasses a number of fundraising and financial features:
  • grants, donations, subscriptions
  • prepaid campaigns with/without perks, milestones
  • community governance of segregated campaign treasury
  • lending with multiple collaterals
  • fractionalised shares based on non fungible assets

Use the Power of Communities with SENSE

SENSE enables a safe and secure platform using identity primitives from GameDAO's underlying network, Leverage decentralised identity frameworks to create gamified experiences.
  • zero core identity
  • 3rd party integrations with SocialKYC, traditional KYC/KYB and DID

Reward and Incentivise with TANGRAM

Tangram is GameDAO's rewards, incentives and digital collectibles protocol that gives these assets the following features:
  • feeless
  • composable
  • mutable
  • compatible