The Storefront

Explore GameDAO's decentralized gaming marketplace, The Storefront
GameDAO's third dApp is The Storefront, our proprietary game marketplace and distribution platform.
The Storefront will be a decentralised marketplace for purchasing, trading, lending and borrowing video games, in-game assets and everything in-between. By tying gaming licenses and digital assets to smart contracts, users will be able to buy and sell games using peer-to-peer technology—bridging the good old days of game trading into modernity through new technology.
Not only does this enable the true ownership of digital video games, but a greater control over that ownership and what you do with it.
Allowing gamers to resell their digital game licenses and assets will also create a complex economy and finally empower gamers to potentially profit from previously played games and pre-used assets.
We think this could also greatly benefit game publishers, as they can make use of the peer-to-peer technology to distribute games and assets in a seamless way, as well as making use of data analytics to see what works and who’s playing. This represents a potential new revenue method for gaming publishers through shared royalties from trading, too.
Eliminating the need for centralised game distribution platforms could also mean reduced fees–which is a win-win not just for gamers, but also for developers and publishers.