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The following sections contain Storage methods are part of the default runtime. On the api, these are exposed via api.query.<module>.<method>.


Orgs(Hash): Org

  • interface: api.query.control.Orgs
  • summary: Org by its id.

OrgStates(Hash): OrgState

  • interface: api.query.control.OrgStates
  • summary: Org state (Inactive | Active | Locked) by org id.

Members(Hash): BoundedVec<AccountId>

  • interface: api.query.control.Members
  • summary: Org members list by org id.

OrgMemberCount(Hash): MemberLimit

  • interface: api.query.control.OrgMemberCount
  • summary: Org members count by org id.

MemberStates((Hash, AccountId)): MemberState

  • interface: api.query.control.MemberStates
  • summary: Member state (Inactive | Active ...) by org Hash and member account.

OrgTreasury(Hash): AccountId

  • interface: api.query.control.OrgTreasury
  • summary: Treasury account of an Org.

OrgCount: u32

  • interface: api.query.control.OrgCount
  • summary:


CampaignOf(Hash): Campaign

  • interface: api.query.flow.CampaignOf
  • summary: Campaign by its id.

CampaignCount: u32

  • interface: api.query.flow.CampaignCount
  • summary: Total number of campaigns. CampaignCount: u32.

CampaignBalance(Hash): Balance

  • interface: api.query.flow.CampaignBalance
  • summary: Total contributions balance per campaign.

CampaignContribution((Hash, AccountId)): Balance

  • interface: api.query.flow.CampaignContribution
  • summary: Total contribution made by account id for particular campaign. campaign id, account id -> contribution.

CampaignStates(Hash): CampaignState

  • interface: api.query.flow.CampaignStates
  • summary: Campaign state by campaign id. 0 created, 1 activated, 2 paused, ...

CampaignsByBlock((BlockType, BlockNumber)): BoundedVec<Hash>

  • interface: api.query.flow.CampaignsByBlock
  • summary: Campaigns starting/ending in block x.

CampaignFinalizationQueue(Hash): (Campaign, Balance, CampaignState, AccountId, Contributors)

  • interface: api.query.flow.CampaignFinalizationQueue
  • summary:

ProcessingOffset(Hash): u32

  • interface: api.query.flow.ProcessingOffset
  • summary: Offset value - number of processed and sucessfully finalized contributions. Used during campaign finalization for processing contributors in batches. When MaxContributorsProcessing is achieved, set this offset to save the progress.

CampaignContributorsCount(Hash): u64

  • interface: api.query.flow.CampaignContributorsCount
  • summary: Total number of contributors for particular campaign. This is needed for voting in order do determine eligible voters for Withdrawal proposal.


Entities(AccountId): Entity<AccountId>

  • interface: api.query.sense.Entities
  • summary: Sense Entity of the account.

EntityCount: u128

  • interface: api.query.sense.EntityCount
  • summary: EntityCount. Increase per each entity creation. EntityCount: u128.

Properties((PropertyType, AccountId)): EntityProperty<BlockNumber>

  • interface: api.query.sense.Properties
  • summary: All properties of the account.


ProposalOf(Hash): Proposal

  • interface: api.query.signal.ProposalOf
  • summary: Proposal by its hash (id).

ProposalStates(Hash): ProposalState

  • interface: api.query.signal.ProposalStates
  • summary: Proposal's state: Created | Activated | Accepted | Rejected | Expired | Aborted | Finalized.

ProposalsByBlock((BlockType, BlockNumber)): BoundedVec<Hash>

  • interface: api.query.signal.ProposalsByBlock
  • summary: Proposals ending in a block.

ProposalCount: ProposalIndex

  • interface: api.query.signal.ProposalCount
  • summary:

ProposalVoting(Hash): Voting

  • interface: api.query.signal.ProposalVoting
  • summary:

CampaignBalanceUsed(Hash): Balance

  • interface: api.query.signal.CampaignBalanceUsed
  • summary: The amount of currency that a project has used.
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