ÆX-1 Esports

Read all about our partnership with ÆX-1, previously SPARX Esports.
ÆX-1 is a top Swiss esports organisation with teams across multiple games. Their goal is to become a widely recognised esports organisation, expanding into Europe and competing at the highest level.
They’ve been developing innovative campaigns with partners by exploring new technologies, especially in Web3 and AR/VR.
ÆX-1 has a strong network of players across Counter-Strike and Valorant, with a solid roster of content creators entertaining thousands of fans.
GameDAO will work together with SPARX as their main team partner, utilising new technology to create innovative and new ways to integrate esports fans into the organisation.
Namely, GameDAO will lend its DAO tooling to SPARX Esports to create a fan engagement platform. This will incentivise fans to engage through Discord and Twitter, while rewarding them in physical and digital assets for their engagement.