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Learn about our flagship project The Battlepass


Esports lacks a sustainable business model. GameDAO's decentralized application The Battlepass looks to change this, offering a next-level fan engagement platform.
The Battlepass is a white-label project built atop GameDAO. As a decentralized application (dApp), it enables esports organisations to incentivise and reward their fans while offering a new revenue stream.
Our vision is for this to provide an alternative revenue model and reward esports fanatics, building towards sustainability in esports.

Gamified Engagement

The Battlepass offers a gamified Quests and Rewards system to drive social media engagement and grow brand awareness. These quests might involve getting fans to engage on Discord, Twitter, or complete in-game tasks.
Organisations will be able to customise the Battlepass to offer their own rewards and quests dependent on their needs.


Users will gain BattlePoints (BP) for completing these Quests. As they do, they level up. At certain intervals along the Battlepass, users will receive rewards. See more about that below.
Since the Battlepasses will be customisable, Quests will vary from org to org. You can expect Quests related to social media engagement, including:
  • Post a meme in the org's Discord channel
  • Reply with a hashtag to the Org's recent tweet
  • Retweet the organisation's latest tweet
Later, Quests will also use in-game data to track progress across games like Fortnite. For example, some in-game quests might require users to land a certain amount of headshots or win a certain number of games to gain extra BP.


Rewards obtained through the Battlepass range from digital to physical rewards, like merchandise or store coupons, and even special access to in-person events hosted by the organisation. Again, this is dependent on the organisation - they'll get to choose the rewards and tiers, customising their Battlepass to suit their needs.
The Battlepass will later integrate with existing GameDAO functionalities, enabling esports organisations to coordinate democratically, bringing their brand closer to esports enthusiasts and professionals who support them through DAO-enabled voting.