We've joined up with Multifarm.fi to build the best treasury dashboards for the best user experience.

We are thrilled to announce a strategic partnership with multifarm.fi, in a push to deliver the best experience to our future users through elegant and customisable dashboards available on our protocol.

User experience is an often-underlooked aspect of building transparent and decentralised platforms. Both GameDAO and Multifarm.fi realise this, and we are equally dedicated to delivering the most frictionless experience possible.

GameDAO’s Dashboards

GameDAO’s dashboards will feature several sections: Overview, Campaigns, Voting, Members, Treasury and lastly Settings. We’ll be talking more about these later, but most importantly here is the Treasury.

Visualised below, the Treasury section of a DAO is itself divided into three metrics: the Overview, the Inflows & Outflows, and Reports.

On viewing a DAO and clicking the Treasury button, users are immediately met with a clean visualisation of the treasury’s holdings through the Overview. Here, you can view treasury growth, balance, etc. As standard, users will also be able to select the timeframe, from 24h, up to the entire duration of the DAO’s history.

Here’s a sneak peek at our planned dashboards for DAO treasuries operating on GameDAO.

Below the total balance and treasury growth metrics, users can also see all assets held by the Treasury. At first, it shows the four biggest holdings, which can be expanded by selecting ‘Show all amounts’. We’ll also be providing visualisations for these, allowing users to easily see treasury allocations and which blockchain they belong to through multi-chain solutions.

Perhaps one of the most important things to offer for users in terms of security and transparency is the transaction history, which can be viewed in Inflows & Outflows. This will be especially useful for users crowdfunding games or contributing to creator guilds on the GameDAO protocol, enabling them to make the best-informed decisions.

Users will be able to view recent activity and transactions below the listed assets held, through both income and outflow panels:

Additionally, the dashboards will feature clean, ‘donut’-style visualisations of revenue and expense breakdowns for cleaner and easier understanding.

Lastly, under Reports, DAOs can list recent news, from milestones achieved to monthly treasury reports. As part of being funded on GameDAO, certain creator DAOs will be required to provide updates on milestones reached.

Reports is the place for DAOs and Guilds to update their contributors in the most transparent and co-operative manner. It’s also a great place to share important announcements related to the DAO or treasury specifically.

About Multifarm: Dashboards for DAOs

Multifarm has partnered with more than 20 DAOs and protocols–from blockchain Polygon to web3 gaming DAO Paragon–all to build custom dashboards and analytics solutions. Currently, their dashboards and tools serve a total of over 300,000 monthly active users. Multifarm has previously partnered with some of the most complex DAOs, making them a great fit with GameDAO.

As part of the partnership, GameDAO will be providing data from our underlying blockchain, Zero Network, to Multifarm.fi. And, as the first Kusama/Polkadot project under their advice, we’ll also open the way for them into the Polkadot system, expanding their reach into the innovative new space.

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