📈Investor Syndicates

Discover how GameDAO enables democratic Investor Syndicates

GameDAO aims to bring our DAO tooling to investor syndicates, meaning they can coordinate their decisions and investments in a democratic and decentralised way.

The key functionality for Investors will be increased transparency and verifiability of organisations and contributors, cross chain treasury compositions and more.

Through our partnership with Multifarm.fi, we’ll facilitate excellent treasury dashboards, featuring overviews, transparent inflows and outflows as well as DAO holdings, spanning across multiple chains. This should help to optimise the experience of Investors, allowing them to streamline investments and processes.

We hope this partnership helps us to deliver an excellent user experience, not just to investors making use of the Investor Syndicates dApp, but to all users of GameDAO.

Through investor syndicate DAOs, we hope to achieve a few things:

  1. Increased transparency and responsibility for investor syndicates. This means an increase in trust in the investors on the overall GameDAO protocol

  2. Automate decision making: Through DAOs and smart contracts, allowing programmable decisions should help to improve the efficiency and cut costs of investor syndicates so they can maximise their investments in what matters

  3. Connect investors and syndicates to the wider GameDAO ecosystem, giving them community curated dealflow and a deeper reach of gaming projects to invest into, all in one place.

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