WAVE Esports

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Making Waves

WAVE Esports
Founded in July 2019, WAVE has already become one of the biggest esports organisations in Europe. With more than 7m followers across their social media, they've quickly grown to be one of the leading lifestyle and esports brands in the DACH region and beyond. WAVE have a world-class professional Fortnite team and have recently branched out into Riot Games' tactical shooter, Valorant.
We'll be working together with WAVE to create an esports engagement platform through using our platform's DAO tooling. WAVE Guild will be structured as a DAO and will provide fans new modes of interaction, rewards and incentives while allowing them to engage with the organisation directly through the platform, all available on GameDAO.
"We want to offer our community opportunities to be directly involved and create new outlets for fan engagement." - Cris Mendez, founder of WAVE Esports.
This platform will be used as a blueprint to provide the engagement platform to future esports organisations to help them build more sustainable business models, engage their fans, and reach their true potential.
The initial step with the partnership will be the development of a 'battlepass' prototype that will reward fans for their interactions-with both free and premium versions, the battlepass reward system will ensure that all fans are rewarded no matter what.