💡Investors & Publishers

GameDAO is also a place for investors and publishers to create DAOs and manage their treasuries, whether this is as a syndicate or a group. Vote democratically on where best to invest.


The toolkit available on GameDAO can also be used by investors and publishers who want to create a decentralised organisation to allocate their capital and resources in a democratic, transparent way.

This helps to build trust with potential clients and partners, as they can see the funds transparently, including what investments have been made, and view other details about the investment or publisher DAO all on the GameDAO platform.


If you're an investment syndicate, GameDAO offers DAO tooling for you to collaborate and coordinate your investment portfolio-or VC brand-all through our native platform. Our suite of tools offers a way to democratically vote and coordinate your investments and decide on strategies, together, while gaining access to the market of game developers, asset creators, and publishers all in one place.

  1. Create and manage your DAO so that your investment syndicate or group can be run in a democratic and transparent way

  2. Gain exposure to a wide market of users on the platform

  3. Gain access to more experts and financing through the platform, meaning bigger ideas and a reduced risk

  4. Get supported by the community and easy proof-of-investment-thesis

  5. Being on a transparent platform means the syndicate can become more recognisable as a brand and hence more trustworthy

  6. Leverage this tooling to accelerate your networking and easily see new and exciting projects on the platform


GameDAO uses next-level technology to turn licenses into digital assets. This means increased ease-of-distribution, plus a broad exposure to a wide variety of developers building on the platform. For publishers, using GameDAO also gives the potential to become more recognisable to the wider market of gamers and game enthusiasts.

Publishers, like other groups, can make use of the platform's DAO tooling to coordinate their goals, reach the market directly, and grow their brand through next-level engagement mechanisms. GameDAO could offer a great place for publishers to connect with the next big game development studio, while streamlining the distribution process through innovative licensing technology.

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